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Navigating The False Dilemma Paradox

"You Can Be Both."

~ Coach Tom Tracy

Like him, love him, despise him …… Deion Sanders is thought provoking. He’s made me re-evaluate myself as a coach. How best can you motivate your players, teammates, peers? How are you defined as a leader? Are you consistent and dedicated as a front person? Should one tone down being confident and self-assured? Can one individual change a culture? My list of contemplations goes on from here.

Engaging in these and other similar thoughts, made me revisit a book writing idea I had well over a decade ago. I never wrote a chapter, let alone an entire book. But, I did jot a few ideas down. So, I just dug that paper out. My now “dated” paper is entitled “You Can Be Both”. I very much believe it is still relevant today.

You Can Be Both. "You Can Be A Football Player..."

You Can Be Both

Competitive and Compassionate

Successful and Humble

Courageous and Calculated

Kind and Forthright

Honest and Tactful

Proud and Willing to Learn

Confident and Able to Listen

Passionate and Empathetic

Tough and Vulnerable

Yearning and Grateful

Reflective and Forward Thinking

Progressive and Love Traditions

Steadfast and Open-minded

Diverse and Have Favorites

You Can Be Both. "...You Can Also Play Basketball."

Furthermore, You Can Be

Decisive without being Divisive

Thankful without being Content

Team-oriented without Lacking Self Worth

Dedicated without being Self-centered

On the losing side without being A Loser

My Point:

Be Authentic. Be Real. Be You. And, do it well. Define yourself, don’t settle for being


Maybe in another decade and with some more practice, I’ll be a little better at following my own advice.

Coach Tom


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